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Innovation Respect Win-win

Our growing professional team delivers first-class products and solutions to global automobile brands

Talent Philosophy

Intelligence comes together and talents converge to create the future

Build a rewarding career and look for challenges with potential opportunities for development

Growth and Development

Be attentive to the growth of every employee

With a relatively complete career development system favorable to young employees’ orientation toward self-development, the company provides targeted and differentiated training programs for employees, including the Jump Program for cultivation of leadership, and the Bootcamp for the training of new employees in R & D.

Equal and open work atmosphere

Emphasis is not laid on title or level, even new comers can be entrusted with authority; keep focus on the completion of business goals, free of territorial consciousness, open work cubicles, instant discussions, so that inspirations can meet without spatial constraints.

Diversity and Compatibility

Individual diversity is valued and the focus is on the core human qualities; a global view to understand different cultures, opinions and practices; presumption of good faith, premised on openness and trust for effective cooperation.

Staff training

Through company-level training, department-level training, position-level training and centralized training, new employees are forged in their abilities of communication, goal planning, team coordination, problem analysis and solution, etc.
  • Group-level

  • Company-level

  • Department-level

  • Position-level

Training courses
Collective reporting
Apprenticeship with tutors
Factory visits
  • Go through department post internship under the guidance of a tutor

  • Clear about work tasks

Our Comprehensive Salary Incentives

We offer a very attractive and comprehensive salary package, promoting “more contributions, more rewards”. Complete welfare is available to realize overall guarantee for a worry-free work and life.
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    Competitive salary package

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    Complete welfare plan

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    Safe and healthy working environment

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    Considerate staff services

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    Interest club

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    Career development space

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    Recognition and commendation

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    A culture of innovation and diversity