Production Processes

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Globally sourced, cutting-edge technologies and “lean manufacturing” practices in of all our operations enable us to meet or surpass the standards of global OEMs and Tier 1 partners.

Molding and Forming

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CAIP produces parts as large as front-end fascias and instrument panels and as small as trunk trim clips with injection molding capacity ranging from 125 to 3,200 tons.

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An extensive range of vacuum-forming and thermoforming operations shape components such as floors, package shelves and trunk trim with exacting standards.

molding and forming section automation

When part-handling speed and precision are required, robots and other automation assist in molding and forming.

Some CAIP Group Strategies for Mass and Cost Savings
caip pvc powder slush

CAIP’s PVC powder slush operations produce single- or multi-colored skins for soft-touch components. Other specialized lines make soft-touch Basell polypropylene for hard IP molding.

Adding Refinements & Details

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Details demonstrating the utmost in quality craftsmanship help CAIP customers differentiate their luxury vehicles.

caip capability fine craftsmanship

CAIP’s passion for fine craftsmanship can be traced back to Changshu’s artisan families, who specialized in leatherworking and furniture production.

caip capability high quality products

Every facet of our work is a combination of teamwork, skill and passion for delivering high-quality products.


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For customers requiring partially or fully assembled modules, we receive and install systems of all kinds.

caip assembly staff
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At-station job instructions, on-going training, and customer feedback expediently delivered to operators all contribute to CAIP Group’s ability to keep defect scores (PPMs) well below the industry average.

Ancillary Operations

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Through an extensive range of additional operations – from robotic spray-painting to ultrasonic welding – CAIP completes and prepares components for assembly.

Quality Assurance at Every Turn

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Vigilant inspection ensures consistently high quality in every CAIP operation – from molding and forming to assembly.

Each CAIP plant uses the (MAFACT) Toyota Production and TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance), as well as other quality control methodologies recommended and required by our Tier 1 partners. In addition, CAIP holds international approvals for health and safety, environmental management and automotive quality.